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Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd.

Contact: Jack

Phone: 15988067194

Address: No. 300, Qingchuan Road, Huzhen Industrial Zone, Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province

XNUMX. Inquiry instructions:

1. The factory has a large amount of inquiries every day. In order for us to quote you the best price, please be sure to provide the name of your company, the quantity you need to purchase, and the use of the product in contact;

The product you need

The customer provides the following information about the required product

Hydraulic cylinder

Standard product model or dimension drawing or sample

Hydraulic valve

Standard product model

Turbine box

Standard product model or sawing machine model

XNUMX. Purchase process:

1. You provide us with the model number or relevant technical information, indicating the company name, contact person, contact information, the quantity to be purchased, and other special requirements;

2. Jinyun Boxin arranges personnel to communicate with you and make a preliminary quotation.

3. After negotiation, the two parties reached a cooperation intention and signed the "sales contract".

4. The customer arranges payment, and we arrange processing or delivery
5. The product design process may involve the confirmation of product drawings.The confirmation of the drawings ensures that the products produced meet the needs of customers.

6. The finance department will approve the shipment only after all the payment is in place before shipment.

7. Logistics, car consignment, generally transit through Yongkang consignment point.

XNUMX. After-sales service:
1. Under normal use of the product, the warranty period is 1 year.
Within 1 year, if you find a quality problem in the use of the product, please contact the sales department first to explain the situation, and the sales department will transfer to the after-sales department for processing depending on the situation.
1) If it is the quality of the product itself, the sales department will refer to the after-sales department to deal with the situation according to the situation. After the after-sales service personnel judge the situation, they will take the process of replacing parts or repairing or replacing the goods or returning the goods.
2) If it is an operation and use problem, the sales department will arrange related technical personnel to call the customer back to guide the operation and use.

Express delivery address: Sales Department, No. 300 Qingchuan Road, Jinyunhu Town, Lishui, Zhejiang 15988067194