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Determine product quality by testing the performance of the turbine box

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If you want to buy a good product, you must understand its quality.As far as the quality is concerned, it is more than just talking. You must carefully check by yourself through some means, so that it can be better used in your work.So how should the turbine box be tested when purchasing?
1. Meshing performance test
Testing the overall rotation requires no jamming, flexibility, and proper meshing clearance.
2. Insulation resistance test
 Test the insulation resistance of the energized part under the condition of normal temperature and relative humidity less than 80%, and the resistance is required to be greater than 20MΩ.
3. No-load test
Conditions of use: at rated speed, forward and reverse operation should be no less than 1h;
Testing requirements:
    1) Smooth operation, no impact, no abnormal vibration and noise;
    2) There is no leakage at the seal and joints;
    3) No jamming, unsmooth movement, etc.;
    4) Whether the transmission part is normal, whether the connecting parts and fasteners are loose;
    5) There is no abnormal noise, the temperature will not rise too high, and there is no oil leakage. The test noise should be less than 70 decibels.
    4. Load performance test
    Test time: 2h and above after oil temperature balance;
    The test requirements are the same as the no-load test.

Through the above performance test, a series of problems such as the quality and performance of the turbine box can be well understood.Only in this way can we be more at ease in use.

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