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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers analyze the main reasons for the leakage of internal piston rods

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       I believe that everyone knows very little about hydraulic cylinders, but this is actually a relatively important part of many mechanical equipment. If the hydraulic cylinder fails, it will affect the normal use of the equipment. Among them, the hydraulic cylinder leaks oil is a lot of users. This is a very troublesome problem. Now let the Zhejiang hydraulic cylinder manufacturer come and analyze the main reasons in detail:

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers analyze the main reasons for the leakage of internal piston rods

Especially in some environments with relatively harsh working conditions, the surface of the piston rod may also adhere to a lot of dust, mud and other substances, and there are also some harder substances.Therefore, due to various factors, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder may leak out.The first reason for external leakage is the unreasonable structure of the combined seal for the shaft.

The second important reason is that the gap between the piston rod and the guide sleeve in the hydraulic cylinder is no longer within a reasonable range.For example, the black surface of the piston rod encountered by many users is actually caused by this reason.And from market research, we found that this factor accounts for a large proportion of the reasons for the leakage of the piston rod, which has exceeded 60%.Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to this issue in future use.

The last factor is the leakage problem caused by damage to the surface of the piston rod.This is because in practical applications, many situations may cause certain damage to the surface of the piston rod, which will increase the friction between the seal ring and the piston rod early and cause the seal ring to wear and fail.And this situation is one of the main reasons leading to the early leakage of the piston rod.

The editor has sorted out the main reasons for the leakage of hydraulic cylinders. In summary, the leakage problems can be divided into internal leakage and external leakage of the sealing structure, and oil leakage caused by the damage of the cylinder. For the cylinder, the internal piston rod needs to be in regular contact with various magazines, which is prone to wear. I hope everyone must pay attention to the cause of the problem and avoid it as much as possible.

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