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How much do you know about the function of the worm gear box?

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       There are many mechanical equipments that need to be used in the industry, not everybody is familiar with them. Worm gearboxes are usually equipment that plays a decelerating effect on the reducer. You may only understand a little bit about its function. What are the specifics? The role of the next let Xiaobian to show everyone to know.

How much do you know about the function of the worm gear box?

The bearings of the worm on both sides of the worm gear box are different. One side is a single deep groove ball bearing, and the other side is two tapered thrust bearings installed opposite to each other. Which place is the power input end?The power input end should be set at one end of the ball bearing, which is also the telescopic free end of the shaft (the end is provided with a coupling and has displacement space).

The tapered thrust bearing end is a fixed end.The solution to the small center distance of the worm gearbox is definitely a mistake, you can repair the welding first, and then re-boring, if there are more materials, it is best to make a new one.It is impractical to change the worm and worm gear, and the brewing cost is definitely more valuable than the cabinet.

Worm gears are often used as the output stage of the transmission system and are often used in the reduction transmission system of gear reducers, such as: CNC machine tools, automobile transmissions, spinning equipment, construction cranes and other mechanical equipment.

This article has given you a detailed introduction to the function of the worm gear box. If the worm gear box is often used, it is not only necessary to understand this knowledge, but also need to be checked regularly to ensure the normal operation of the reducer.If you have any questions, you can directly call our Zhejiang worm gear box manufacturer.

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