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Understanding the problem of band sawing machine is the first step to use it reasonably

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Jinyun Boxin Machinery produces a variety of band sawing machine accessories. The industry involves a wide range of aspects, and there is very little understanding. Band sawing machines are mechanical equipment required for wood processing. If you want to use band sawing machines, you must first To understand all aspects of band sawing machines, let’s take a look at some of the problems that band sawing machines are prone to:

Understanding the problem of band sawing machine is the first step to use it reasonably

1. The metal band saw machine is affected by the vibration of the surrounding punching equipment, and the fixing bolts of the band saw machine are loosened, which affects the vibration of the saw frame, and the band saw blade is affected by the vibration force during the cutting process, resulting in tooth chipping.

2. The three-point linearity of the driving wheel, the driven wheel and the guide escapement can not reach the accuracy, the saw band cannot run in a straight line, and there may be unstable cutting to the left or right and up and down.

3. Air entering the lifting cylinder, or due to poor oil quality, cylinder wear, out of control of the control valve, etc., will cause the saw frame to fail to drop at a uniform speed, and the teeth will appear.

4. The guide block of the sawing machine wears out after long-term use, which may cause the saw band to not be able to cut normally during the cutting process, causing unexpected bad factors to cause the saw band to be damaged and scrapped.

5. The motor belt is damaged for a long time and appears aging and slack. It may lose rotation intermittently during operation, causing the saw band to experience intermittent and weak sudden stop during cutting, resulting in tooth chipping.

The above is about some of the problems that are prone to occur in the use of band saws. The editor has listed them for everyone, which is convenient for understanding and application.

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