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What do you know about the design considerations of hydraulic cylinder parameters?

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Hydraulic cylinders are sometimes called hydraulic cylinders, which are the core components of hydraulic power systems.The structure of the hydraulic cylinder is simple, but it can stabilize the hydraulic pressureThe role of the machine.Hydraulic cylinders are not only used in hydraulic presses, but also in many mechanical equipment. Therefore, its parameters are not static. For different machines, the parameters of hydraulic cylinders also require different designs.Here is a small editor to take you to understand the precautions for hydraulic cylinder parameter design!

Hydraulic cylinder

(1) The design of hydraulic cylinders should try to avoid the use of hydraulic cylinders of non-standard sizes.Many sizes are designed according to specific needs, but when choosing these sizesAt the time, the standard size must be taken into consideration.Especially the inner diameter of the cylinder, the diameter of the cylinder rod, the relative size of the sealing ring, etc.Can not choose arbitrarily according to actual needs, otherwise it may not be possible to choose a suitable sealing ring.

(2) The safety factor of the hydraulic cylinder should not be too small.The hydraulic cylinder should withstand hydraulic and mechanical forces during work.At the same time, due to the uniformity of materials and materials, Stress concentration, machining accuracy and material fatigue limit, the working strength of the hydraulic cylinder has undergone great changes.Therefore, there must be a sufficient safety factor, which should generally be above 5.

(3) The guide length of the piston rod cannot be too small. The length of the guide sleeve is generally determined according to the size of the hydraulic cylinder and the type and purpose of the piston rod seal.Generally, it is more than 0.6 times larger than the diameter of the piston rod to ensure sufficient stability of the piston rod.

(4) The guide sleeve of the high-speed and long-stroke hydraulic cylinder avoids the general structure.For hydraulic cylinders with a speed greater than 1000 mm/s and a stroke greater than 4000 mm, byDue to local overheating caused by high-speed operation, the guide sleeve will wear out and produce metal powder.This not only carries out forced lubrication on the surface of the guide sleeve from the structural point of view, but also requires special treatment such as high-frequency quenching on the surface of the piston rod. At the same time, hydrostatic bearings can also be considered.

(5) Under the condition of ensuring that the movement stroke and load force can be satisfied, the outline size of the hydraulic cylinder should be avoided to be too large.

(6) Prevent the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder from bearing the maximum load under pressure, and ensure that it has good stability under pressure.

The above are the precautions for the parameter design of the hydraulic cylinder, everyone understands it!If you want to know more about hydraulic cylinders, turbine boxes, hydraulicFor information about valves, Band saw accessorie, or related purchase needs, you can follow our website and call us!

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