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Band saw cylinder accessories 2

Band saw cylinder accessories 2
The band sawing machine is composed of various accessories. Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce its composition method for you.
The hydraulic transmission system of the band saw is composed of a hydraulic circuit composed of pumps, valves, cylinders, tanks, pipelines and other auxiliary parts. The lifting of the saw beam and the clamping of the workpiece are completed under electrical control.Through the speed control valve, the stepless speed regulation of the feed speed can be implemented to meet the needs of sawing workpieces of different materials.The electrical control system consists of a control loop composed of an electrical box, a control box, a junction box, a travel switch, an electromagnet, etc., which is used to control the rotation of the saw blade, the lifting of the saw beam, the clamping of the workpiece, etc., to make it according to a certain working procedure. Realize the normal cutting cycle.
We are a professional manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for band sawing machine parts. We produce worm gear box reducers, worm gear boxes and other products that bring convenience to the production of many manufacturers. You are welcome to buy our products.

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