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What aspects of worm gear reducer maintenance should be done well!

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  Worm gear box is not familiar to most people. This is a kind of equipment composed of bearings and chassis. Because of its relatively large transmission, small volume and simple structure, it is widely used. Worm gear box reducer If you want to use it for a longer time, the maintenance work cannot be pulled down. The following are the 4 major maintenance tasks of the worm gear reducer:

Worm gear box

  (1) The oil supply temperature of the worm gear reducer.Check this temperature from time to time. This temperature is between 40 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds the range, then you have to adjust the oil supply or the oil cooler supply.

  (2) In addition to detecting the oil supply temperature of the worm gear reducer, the temperature of the bearing bracket must also be detected. The normal temperature of the first shaft is 20-50°C higher than the temperature of the lubricating oil supplied, and the temperature of other bearing brackets The temperature is 10°C higher than the supplied lubricating oil.If the temperature difference is too large, it must be stopped for detection.

  (3) The oil reclamation of the lubricating oil storage tank should also be checked. This is the lowest position that needs to keep the oil volume higher than the oil standard.

  (4) The lubricating oil in the oil storage tank of the worm gearbox and worm reducer must use one type, and two different lubricating oils cannot be mixed.

  The four major maintenance tasks of worm gear reducer are first introduced here. Good things also need maintenance. Worm gearbox and worm reducer are no exception. Otherwise, it will affect its work effect and reduce work efficiency What everyone wants to see.

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