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Worm gear reducer G Boxin 330

Worm gear reducer G Boxin 330
Worm gearboxG Boxin 330The core component of the worm gear is the worm gear. Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd. will introduce you the simple working principle of the worm gear box.
In the supercharger system, the supercharger is directly driven by the engine crankshaft through gears (or belts, etc.).
Exhaust gas turbocharger system, the supercharger is driven by the exhaust gas discharged when the engine is working.
The compound supercharging system uses both exhaust gas turbocharger and mechanical supercharger on the engine.
The air wave booster system uses the pulse air wave of high-pressure exhaust gas to force air to be compressed.
Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers specialize in the production of hydraulic cylinders, worm gear boxes, worm gear box reducers, Band saw accessorie and other products. Our products can withstand various inspections and consumers can use them with confidence.
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